MSN Chat, eMail and photo messaging for BlackBerrys

IMHere allows you to chat with your friends and exchange photos made with your camera-mobile. The app is the number one MSN messenger for mobiles. It is simple to use and gives you direct access to the MSN messenger network.


  • MSN instant messenging
  • Emoticons
  • Invite contacts
  • Add/remove contacts
  • Send email to contacts
  • Snap and send photos (not supported by the Lite version)
  • Receive and view photos



IMHere 8.0.7

— User reviews — about IMHere

  • somying

    by somying


    I got an error: Error starting IMHere: Module 'IMHere-1' has verification error 2870 at offset 2397. More.

    reviewed on September 26, 2007