IMHere 7.0.7

Send/receive photos and chat with friends via MSN

Chat with your friends and exchange photos made with your Palm-mobile. This is all possible with IMHere, the number one MSN messenger for mobiles. It is simple to use and gives you direct access to the MSN messenger network.

Features of IMHere include:

• MSN instant messaging
• Emoticons
• Invite contacts
• Add/remove contacts
• Send email to contacts
• Snap and send photos (not supported by the Lite version)
• Receive and view photos

MSN compatible messenger. Supports most important character-sets (Latin, Chinese, Arab, etc), emoticons, multiple clients in one chat-session, add/remove contacts, snap/send/receive photos, email. The contact-list is synchronized with your PC-version. Requires a java-enabled mobile. Also requires internet access via WAP, UMTS or WAP.

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IMHere 7.0.7

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